Sunday, November 12, 2006

Proof of Jeff Blankfort's antisemitism?

The noted professional antisemite, Mary Rizzo, recently posted this piece of blatant hate mongering on her yellow journal known as "peacePalestine" ( or better known as "Why we should kill the Jews"
My comments are italicized.
from Jeff Blankfort:

Several days ago, I sent to this list an article by Alan Dershowitz smearing Israeli professor Neve Gordon and US professor Norman Finkelstein. I had not yet seen Prof. Gordon's response to Dershowitz and read the following lines [with my comments in brackets and in red] with which he introduced that response and attempted to establish his bona fides as a "loyal Israeli." (Actually, he established his credentials as a humanitarian, something Jeff left on the floor along with his afterbirth)At least, in that respect, he succeeded all too well.
Jeff B

Gordon wrote:
Despite Dershowitz's claims, I never compared Israelis to Nazis, [and why not? Is there no basis for making comparisons? Correct Jeff, no basis] and I certainly am not a neo-Nazi or anti-Israeli [which, presumably, in Prof. Gordon's opinion, included those who deny Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. It includes you, Jeff] Like Dershowitz, I am an American citizen, yet unlike him I have chosen to live in Israel [Is he chastising Dersh for not having chosen like the good Zionist, Gordon, to live in Israel and become another colonial settler? No, he merely asserts that those who criticize Israelis would be listened to if the happened to live in Israel and shared the burden of living next door to a genocidal group of Palestinians] and invest a large portion of my time struggling for social justice [as if the entire existence of Israel did not represent an attack on "social justice" Because, Jeff, it doesn't.] . I served in the Israeli paratroopers and was critically wounded defending the northern border. [How, we must ask, does Gordon's shedding of blood in defense of the Zionist enterprise fit in with his concept of 'social justice'? Since Gordon did no such thing, no explanation is required ]

Following the great [? Why the ?, Jeff? Is your antisemitism so overwhelming that you can not acknowledge any greatness in Judaism as you wallow in your genocidal dreams?] Jewish tradition, I try, however modestly, to be critical of Israel whenever its policies violate principles of justice or human rights. [Is there a single second in Israel's existence when it has not violated the basic principles of justice and human rights as incorporated in international law? If any questioned you antisemitic credentials, they would be answered by now. ]

Ironically, about two years ago Dershowitz invited me to contribute a chapter to a book he was editing called What Israel Means to Me. At that time he was not questioning my commitment to Israel. What, then, has led him to change his mind? [That's a good question. Clearly Prof. Gordon is committed as much as Dershowitz to preserving Israel's existence as a Jewish state, just one that is less oppressive to the Palestinians who he would support having a small, non-threatening state of their own somewhere in what was once Palestine. Dersh says he would go for that, as well. Why are you upset that the Israelis are willing to live along side with a people who vote for terrorism??]

...Unlike Dershowitz, however, when choosing between truth or dare I always side with truth. [There goes Gordon's "modesty," and the truth with it.]

I have copied this to Prof. Gordon and will forward his comments should he choose to make a reply. I am not sending this to Jeff. I could give a shit about the opinions of this particular antisemite.